Workplace Wellness Workshops

Workshops2Open Arms offers educational and interactive workshops designed to meet the needs of both employees and managers. Our workshops are conveniently delivered at the work-site and are designed to promote wellness; among our most popular offerings is an interactive workshop on stress management.  We also offer workshops on sexual harassment, signs and symptoms of substance abuse and other concepts designed to support compliance in the workplace.

Training Topics Available…

  • Open Arms EAP Orientation

    This 30-minute program is essential to our personalized system of care as it forms the foundation for what we hope will be a user-friendly and productive relationship between your team and our licensed counselors. Our experience has shown that resistance to accessing care diminishes and that EAP utilization increases when employees have the opportunity to meet our counselors face-to-face. We encourage utilization at every point in our program and this begins with a detailed explanation of the services we offer and how we can assist your team 24/7 to access these services. The question and answer period at the conclusion of each training provides all participants with the opportunity to address specific areas of concern. Ultimately, it our goal to help employees understand how taking advantage of EAP services can help them become more productive as they learn to manage the stress associated with work and home-life.

  • Managing Your Stress

    Stress can be difficult to identify because the effects differ from person to person. However, stress can adversely affect individual performance and erode team morale. It can impact our ability to communicate with our colleagues, reduce our ability to concentrate on tasks and if un-addressed, it will eventually reduce our overall productivity. This workshop will focus on identifying our stressors and learning healthy techniques to manage stress such as finding healthy ways to process feelings with the goal of restoring work/life balance.

  • Workplace Conflict Resolution

    Learning how to deal with conflicts effectively is an essential life skill. How we understand conflict influences how we approach conflict resolution. This workshop is designed to help employees identify how they view conflict and most importantly how they approach handling conflicts should they arise in workplace. This workshop will help employees learn how to identify and utilize positive, constructive, conflict resolution skills.

  • Holiday Stress!

    The holidays are usually filled with much anticipation and joy, but they also can be very stressful and even overwhelming. This is a time of year when the EAP sees an influx of calls related to personal/marital stress, substance abuse, and emergency calls needing to be seen by our EAP. In this workshop we will focus on identifying what your stress symptoms are and learn how to maintain a healthy balance.

  • The Challenges of Working With Difficult People

    Based on the national bestseller, Working with you is Killing Me, by Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, we take a look at how managers can deal with a difficult employee/co-worker by setting boundaries then being able to detach from the emotional traps at work.

  • Psychological First Aid

    Open Arms provides immediate on-site debriefing for any critical incident that causes distress, and limits  employees’ ability to cope and manage the immediate effect following the incident. In the wake of a workplace fatality, violent incident or some other traumatic event, we provide employees with an understanding that they are not alone in their reactions and provide them with an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings in a controlled, safe environment.

  • Smoking Cessation

    With many organizations going smoke-free today, we use this training to teach the participants the 5 keys for stopping, the stages of change, implementing new skills and behaviors, and building a support network to encourage the employee.

  • Time Management

    This training helps employees understand where their time goes, and empowers them by helping employees regain control over their workday, by adding appropriate and effective structure. The discussion will focus on utilizing the most productive time of the day, tips on time management, and how to eliminate wasted time.

  • Managing Eldercare and Childcare – The Sandwich Generation

    This workshop will help employees develop coping skills to manage the often daunting task of raising young children while simultaneously caring for elderly parents.

  • Health, Wellness, and Weight Management

    Our wellness program will assist you with the everyday challenges that can affect your work, personal life, even your emotional well-being.

  • Recognizing and Developing your Personal Strengths

    According to author Brian Tracy, self-esteem affects every aspect of a person’s life. This training focuses on how to raise your self-esteem while maximizing your performance in the workplace.

These are just some of the workshops we are currently offering. We are continually adding new topics and can create a workshop to suit your workplace needs. You do not need to be a current EAP client to bring these workshops to your workplace.

For more information about these workshops or a custom workshop, please call Mary Ellen Kundrat & Mayra Fernandez at 516-747-2606.