Solution-Focused Counseling

Teenager with EAP CounselorEAP counseling, by its very nature is solution-focused. It’s concentrated on the future, rather than the past. Solution-focused counseling is a form of brief therapy pioneered fifty years ago and still popular today. The goal of these counseling sessions is to help you sort out whatever challenges you are experiencing, marshall all available resources to solve the problem and then coach you through some action steps. Sessions can take place via phone or E-Therapy, the latest cutting edge technology that is a HIPPA compliant, secure and private connection. We might be able to accomplish this in a single session, though each employee or family member is entitled to a minimum of 3 free sessions, depending on your employer’s contract.

Some problems, especially those that are related to your past, require ongoing psychotherapy and a higher level of care. Credit, debt and legal problems often take a bit longer and may require an outside referral. In those cases, we will give you carefully screened referrals and stay in touch with you to make sure that you are on your way to a solution.