Why Provide EAP Services?

diversegroupIf your company or organization does not currently offer EAP services, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to boost employee morale and productivity. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider offering an EAP:

  • Your employees will know that you value them and care about their overall health and well-being.
  • Employees and their families receive free and confidential immediate assistance by calling one number, rather than spending hours searching for a suitable referral.
  • Our EAP encourages appropriate utilization of health insurance benefits, thereby reducing costs.
  • Open Arms EAP reduces absenteeism, the personal use of phones and computers, and minimizes workplace disruption.
  • Open Arms EAP provides immediate access to emergency evaluation services in situations where there is a potential for violence or harm.
  • Open Arms EAP reduces the incidence of workplace injuries and accidents, thereby limiting potential Worker’s Compensation and disability claims, and litigation.
  • Your human resources staff members gain a new and valuable resource for addressing challenging personnel issues, while boosting productivity and dramatically limiting litigation risks.
  • Because we are non-profit, we have no incentive to suppress utilization. We’re in business solely to help people and we truly want your employees to reach out for help.
  • We’ll happily provide you with annual utilization reports so together we can make sure that your employees are getting the help they need and you as the employer are getting the value you deserve.
  • The Federal Occupational Health agency, in a prospective cost-benefit estimate of Employee Assistance Programs, showed that for every $1 spent on the EAP, the expected savings for the first year would be $1.27, and those savings would rise to $7.21 by the fifth year.
  • Because we are non-profit and our money goes back into client services, our annual fees are much lower than other local or national employee assistance programs.