What EAP Costs

eapcostWhile health care costs have skyrocketed in recent years, the costs associated with Employee Assistance Programs have remained fairly consistent. Most EAPs – including Open Arms’ are priced on an annual per capita basis wherein employers pay a fixed amount per person per year for the services detailed in the EAP contract.

Open Arms EAP’s non-profit status allows us to charge less than our commercial competitors. Our shareholders are the communities we serve, rather than an exclusive group of investors and we don’t exist to generate profits, we exist solely to serve others. That’s important because it means we won’t take steps to limit utilization, restrict access to services or turn your employees away. By purchasing EAP services from us, you’re investing in your workplace, and the community in which they work.

At Open Arms, we believe in complete transparency and fairness. We also accept employers of all sizes.

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