How To Sign Up

Sign_up_NowWhether you are a small business, large corporation, labor union, non-profit, school or municipality, signing-up for Open Arms EAP’s services is easy. A short contract spells out the assistance to be provided to employees, the annual fee and payment schedule. Once executed, initial payment is due to us within 30 days. With a contract in place, our professional EAP staff will work with your designated liaisons to schedule orientation meetings for employees and will provide printed materials to employees with our contact information, assurances of confidentiality and a menu of available services. Your employees will also receive wallet membership cards. Start-up time is minimal; your employees can access our services immediately and because many employers contact us in the midst of a difficult situation, we’re happy to help you informally as we get an agreement in place.

As we continue our relationship, our EAP staff will remain in regular contact with your liaison to discuss utilization rates, emergent talent management issues and other collaborative opportunities.

Click here to take the first step in securing caring, professional EAP services for your employees.